This is My Story

I’m a design professional with decades of experience. My career started in November of 1997 when a dear friend and neighbor, Kristian, dared me to seriously consider interior design as my profession.

We were living downtown in Glenwood Brooklyn on Filmore Street.  I was a flight attendant, and would spend my leisure time fixing up my house. I coordinated projects for friends; and soon, the neighborhood began to rally, urging me to pursue what was described as a natural talent. It was truly my creative gift.

I have a very keen eye with color, textiles and custom upholstery. Which I attribute to my grandpa Bajerski. He and his brother Walter were master upholsters, and sold Lane furniture in their store Artist Furniture in Chicago, Illinois on Milwaukee Avenue.

Naturally, kitchen and bath renovations became part of my services, as my neighbors were renovating their older homes and bungalows inside the Beltline. I quickly learned how to manipulate older, run-down spaces with color. Turn-of-the-century homes and those from the 1940s and 1950s have no storage options, limited closet space, tight common areas.

Decades of field experience is an advantage in honing ideas to match client expectations. Over the years, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of serving my clients through high-end retail furnishing vendors such as Norwalk the Furniture Idea, Masterlooms rug importer, dilly dally, Eatman’s Carpet and Interiors and Arhaus Furniture. I believe this is a clear distinction, which sets me apart from most, as I have lots of experience with custom specialty applications, both retail and wholesale to the trade. This provides me with an edge for buying and sourcing, and it allows me to offer realistic expectations for clients, both financially and quality for craftsmanship.

Today, sourcing materials is critical. There’s a tremendous value- added benefit for being socially conscious, and focusing on quality versus quantity.

I am usually the first person to ask: “Where do the materials come from? Who makes them, and how can clients justify this investment?” With Adryin Glynn Designs, you have a designer on your side.

I love that I get to educate my clients on decisions that are truly unique to them and their family’s lifestyle. Not to mention, the relationship I get to create and foster for years. My clients have seen me get married, start a family, juggle teenagers, and evolve through my career. Each phase continues to provide intentional and meaningful growth.

Design is such a thoughtful process. I’m truly blessed, and I get to embrace the experience full circle.

What Clients Are Saying About Adryin

My process begins with an initial consultation, which usually last between 1 hour and 1.5 hours. I take copious notes, and interview my clients about lifestyle, routines, goals, and areas that are working and not working. Then, I organize a plan, identify problem areas, make suggestions, provide solutions and determine realistic expectations regarding budget and time line. I provide a summary outlining our next best steps for each client’s needs, and together we create guidelines, allowances, proposals and contracts, which are best for the client to proceed. My process is truly all about my client, and what’s best for them.

To sum it up … the process is client driven.